Competition Athlete Media Pack

You bring your A  game -  

We make sure the important people see it.


Photography is the cornerstone of your comp media.

Good photography means elevated market perception and brand trust from your target audiences.



Digital Marketing encompasses all marketing tactics from social media bios, posts, and analysis, to social

listening and identifying the best way to interact with your audience and target audience online, to ensuring that your digital footprint is aligned with your desired voice and reflects your principles, goals, and personality.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is the route reading of marketing. It gives  you a roadmap to successfully present your skills, dedication, and personality to your target audience. Strategy both sets your initial path, and matures your existing digital presence.

Let us put your best foot forward, while you put your best heel hook forward.

What's this all about?

There are a lot of reasons that the world of competitive climbing is different than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. It's the era of Olympic climbing, and that brings more attention and competition on a global stage.

Athletes need more than world-class skill to get noticed - you need that x-factor.

With Rock Digitals Competition Athlete Media Pack, you get:

edited photos

1  edited profile photo

1 banner photo featured on the Rock Digital home page for 1 week.


2 Rock Digital Posts during the comp (your choice of IG, FB, Twitter)

social photos (provided during competition) for athletes to share independently


Digital Strategy for an athlete gives you the competitive edge - who to look out for, when to use social listening techniques, when is the best time to post and to what content does your audience respond best? Why? We'll help you work through your strategy 1-on1 in a meeting post-comp.