My Name's Kiley And I Like Cupcakes And Running

It’s not often that our passions and our work serendipitously wind up being the same thing. More often than not, we work for work and play for fun. Rock Digital was meant to be an intersection of work, passion, and giving back to the community we love. 

That mentality is how I learned about your work life. ‘Hobbies’ were for off time, if you were lucky enough to be able to have non-work time. Our generation inherited many wonderful attributes from the Baby Boomers, but one of the paradigms that is changing with the times is our attitudes towards work being the touchstones of our lives. Gone is the time where the sweeping reality is that the center of your life is work and that work means nine-to-fiving it in a cubicle until you’re graced with a marginally larger, fluorescent-lit space. Millennials and beyond are taking advantage of the hard-won victories of our parents’ generation. They toiled so that we could “have a better life” - for the most part, with a fuzzy picture of what that “better life” might look like. 

Feeling the responsibility to honor their hard work led me to believe that emulating that career pattern was the only way I could show that I recognized and had immense gratitude for my parents’ sacrifices. Enjoying my work, and even calling it “work” because I love it so much, sometimes felt like a joke. Like climbing and creating art couldn’t be my real work if it was also my passion. 

Learning to see my work and my career in a different view is, in part, what has gifted me with the headspace and vision to dare to picture creating a company centered around climbing. 

Being mindful about how I think about what is work and what isn’t is something I still have to work on. People see adventure and wildness and picture a person who doesn’t think about the future, who lives only for the moment. If you’re climbing mountains, you’re not thinking about an RRSP or 401k, right? Okay, maybe not right then, which is one of the many reasons I love climbing. But I do think about my future and worry about whether I’m making the best choices for security and stability. 

At the end of the day, I think that “a better life” means a happier life. A more content life. With that in mind, I’m doing my best to do what I love in all areas of my life - Rock Digital is my way of bringing climbing into the equation. 

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