Meet The Team!

Hi, everyone! We wanted to give those of you who don't know Rock Digital a little overview of who we are as a business, and why we're here. After you get the scoop on Rock Digital, head over to our posts from our founders to learn more about their individual backgrounds.

Just in case you missed it - we're a rock climbing marketing company. ;) You might be wondering why we thought the climbing industry needs its very own dedicated marketing agency. It's a good question!

Here are a few reasons:

  1. We appreciate that all businesses are different, and that applies for all industries. Climbing businesses are extra different though and we wanted to put our combined marketing skills and climbing knowledge together to help business owners and athletes address climbing indusry-specific marketing challenges.

  2. North American climbers don't have the visibility or audience share that they do in Europe and Asia - we want to help change that for the better! Talented climbers and unique businesses need niche marketing to give them the best platform possible.

  3. ...we just love climbing.


Where Will You See Us?

Once upon a time, pre-COVID, that would have been an easy answer! You'd see us at your local gym (from Halifax to Squamish, Bishop to The Gunks, we're there) working on marketing campaigns and photoshoots, covering regional and national climbing competitions, and kickin' it at the crag working with pro outdoor climbers to boost their profiles and media coverage.

These days, things are evolving with the pandemic. We're working on a few exciting ways to connect with you outside of in-person events that involve traveling - more news on that soon! As we get more details on what coverage will look like in the next comp season, our business model will flex to accomodate our new normal.


Now that you know a little about Rock Digital, check out blogs on our founders,

Kiley Whittal and Philip Quade.


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