A Life Spent Adventuring For Work

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Philip is a published and award-winning photographer and writer known for his  competitive climbing photography, and eclectic library of compelling images from all disciplines of climbing. His professional career began in 2013 in Alberta’s Bow Valley, and would quickly lead him within a few years to Utah, twice to Alaska, and then to Africa. By 2016 he was well established in the competitive climbing scene, and becoming known for his unique bouldering photographs. The summer of 2016 would see Philip’s debut as an IFSC-recognized photographer at the Vail Bouldering World Cup, multiple publications - including Rock & Ice Magazine, Gripped Magazine, and his first cover photo feature with Outdoors Unlimited.

Philip has worked with numerous brands, publications, and athletes on projects across North America and Tanzania, Africa - notably: Photographing his ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2015; work with Alannah Yip & Scarpa on “Pulse” 14a - Featured on the Fall 2020 issue of Gripped Magazine; Gord McArthurs FA on “Storm Giant” with Outdoor Research, Scarpa and Louder Than Eleven; Ben Hanna and Butora Climbing on “The Bat Cave”; Nina Williams with Rock & Ice Magazine in Rifle, CO.; and his early work with Claire Bukowski & Michaela Kiersch for Skratch Labs.

Throughout his rise, Philip continued to work in his original profession as an audio engineer and audiovisual technician. His career in audio and production started when he was in high school, joining his first band at age 15, and recording his first album at age 16. His pursuit of music would only be matched when introduced to climbing, 10 years later. It was shortly after his return from a backpacking trip through Australia that his dreams began to shift from tour bus life to van life, and a never-ending desire for the remote lifestyle.

After years of working on marketing campaigns and creative projects, Philip turned his sights to the world of digital marketing, and a new chapter was born. He had been a social influencer, brand ambassador, and guest blogger for several years as well, contributing to and consulting for partnership brands. He received his certificate as a digital marketing professional in 2019 and left the 9-5 corporate tech world behind.

Alpine bouldering, the obscure, and the unknown are Philips forte as a climber. He is a member of the Flashed Climbing team, RacedayFuel, and Endurance Tap Athlete teams. When not climbing or shooting climbing, you can find him on the water, or in the studio.

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