Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the holistic term for the sum of many smaller pieces. Each piece can be executed individually, or as a part of a larger strategy.

Rock Digital works with you and your business to create and execute digital marketing for what you need now, and to set you up for long-term success.

Digital Marketing Strategy​ - This is the most complex part of marketing, but also the simplest. Marketing strategy identifies all of the possible marketing tactics that could be used, isolates the ones that are best suited to your business goals, and integrates them into a holistic plan. Micro to macro pieces, strategy is king.  

Paid Digital Advertising ​- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. A/B testing for ad performance, audience demographics, geographic fencing, ad copy. Paid advertising is how brands ensure they're visible to the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. 


Paid Traditional Advertising​ - print media, journals, business publications, magazines, etc. A/B testing for ad performance, audience demographics, geographic fencing, ad copy. We use traditional advertising to reach unique or niche target audiences with a specific message.  


Search Engine Optimization​ ​(SEO) ​- SEO has become a popular marketing buzzword in the past several years, and as digital marketing evolves, SEO becomes more and more sophisticated. Organically optimizing your digital presence to be indexed higher by search engines involves many different variables. Google's computerized algorithm for indexing websites has hundreds of thousands of unpublished factors - we can ensure the most important ones are working in your favour. 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)​ - SEM is the sibling of SEO. When you pay to sponsor an ad on Google or Bing, you're out of the organic world of SEO and into SEM. Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective initial steps a business can take to increase website traffic and sales conversions.  


Organic Digital Marketing​ - all forms of non-paid marketing. Typically your entire digital footprint excluding paid social, search, display, video, etc. Organic marketing is about creating a grassroots perception of your brand that works in tandem with your paid strategy to further your business goals.


Email Marketing- promotional emails, content-forward info emails, newsletters. Well done email marketing can be a valuable tool.


Marketing Tech Stack Audit ​- knowing the pieces before you start putting the puzzle together saves time and energy down the road. Chances are even if you're a fledgling business, you use more tech than you think. In some cases, there might be efficiencies that we can recommend, but in all cases, it greatly helps us to know what you're working with.  

Analytics ​- If strategy is king, analytics is queen. We want to make sure that we can measure all of the hard work and resources you're putting into your marketing. Using analytics to show ROI is the best way to do this. Google Analytics, social platform metrics, and marketing-qualified conversions let us show you where and how we drive value for your business.  

User Interface / User Experience - the psychology piece. UI/UX is structuring your website in a way that makes your business goals (i.e. sales conversions, traffic to a certain area of your website, etc.) seem intuitive to your audience. Each demographic has ways they want to experience their customer journey - the language you use, tone, voice, colours, layout, typeface, scroll pattern, contact method - each piece influences how your customer journey works and what the outcome is.


Social Media Management​ - social media is the marketing engine that drives online sales and brand awareness, and because of that, it needs the proper amount of attention. Creating a social calendar and scheduling posts for optimal views and interaction, A/B testing images and copy, and tracking post performance and metrics all go into leveraging your social platforms to increase brand perception, awareness, trust, and sales. 

Marketing Material​ - business cards, brochures, posters, slide decks, trade show setups. These are key pieces that ensure your brand looks professional and successful.