mission statement

Rock Digital is a company founded by climbers, for climbers. Our goal is to further the careers of athletes on the global stage, support the growth of climbing as a sport, and be a resource for the world of climbing to showcase the amazing talent and dedication of the community.


diversity & inclusion

One of Rock Digital's core values is that the world is enriched by our differences as humans. We are diverse. We believe that allowing each person the freedom to be celebrated for their individuality provides the opportunity for the world to flourish.


indigenous land

As climbers, we have a built-in love of the land around us​. Rock Digital recognizes that much of what we do is on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded land of Canada's First Nations people. We value the access given to us beyond measure.


The natural world is a treasure and should be open and accessible to anyone. Teaching, guiding, and welcoming each individual into nature is a privilege and responsibility that we do not take lightly. Passing on knowledge and respect for the world we love is an opportunity that we cherish.